5 Minute Guide to Meditation

Many people find meditation to be frustrating or pointless, yet when they really delve into the practice, they find it incredibly helpful for their happiness and peace of mind! The world of meditation is unknown to many and people tend to not fully understand how or why people choose to […]


Chemicals of Concern

Photo courtesy of: The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Most of us use numerous personal care products on our body each day, whether we are doing our makeup in the morning, washing our face at night, or anything in between. Unfortunately, many of us are not aware of exactly how these […]


Be GMO Free!

You already know that pesticides are bad for you, linked to cancer and should be washed off your grub…but how do you wash off chemicals that are inserted into the DNA of your produce?  It doesn’t help that 26% of Americans don’t even know that there are GMOs inside their […]


ReTreat Yourself – Winter 2014

With over 2.9 million breast cancer survivors in the US alone, B4BC recognizes the importance of supporting our growing survivor community. In 2009, the B4BC Survivorship Fund was established to connect breast cancer survivors with nature-based wellness experiences that enhance their path of healing and long-term survivorship. Last month we […]


Chinese Medicine 101 With Kendra Starr

As a part of B4BC Survivorship Week we wanted to introduce you to our friend, Kendra Starr, who is an accomplished doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Kendra has accompanied our survivor wellness retreats these last few years to offer treatments and holistic advice to the breast cancer survivors who have […]

Photo: Rebecca Amber Photography @ ReTreat Yourself 2014

The Healing Powers of Mother Nature

Before I was even diagnosed, Mother Nature was my doctor. I would look to her for inspiration, joy, relief, release, grounding and healing in general. So of course when it came down to this last year of intense therapies, hospitals, clinics, ivs, and everything that comes with that, I knew […]


Liz’s Guide to “Eating for Earth”

This week for Tasty Tuesday, we invited Team B4BC surfer and environmentalist Liz Clark to give us the run-down on how she lives her life for Earth Day everyday. Check out her blog article below detailing a comprehensive guide to eating that will keep both you and the earth healthy, […]


Introducing Yoga 101 / Practice Makes Perfect (Prevention)!

For those of you new to or curious about yoga, there’s no better time to learn about its important health benefits.  While yoga studios and festivals seem to be all the rage, this centuries old practice is hardly a trend.  Here at B4BC, some of us have been practicing for […]


Megan Pischke’s Cancer Journey Update

We have been following B4BC Wellness Ambassador Megan Pischke’s battle with breast cancer over the past year through diagnosis, treatment and emotional tolls. Here is her latest blog update as she reflects and struggles with “a long year of chemo, surgery, radiation, tragedy, therapies on a daily basis, tears, oh […]


Get Triclosan Out of Your Life!

rticle and photos courtesy of www.safecosmetics.org Our friends at Campaign for Safe Cosmetics put together a handy guide to what Triclosan is and why you should avoid this hormone disruptor! Triclosan is unregulated, linked to breast cancer, and completely unnecessary in your daily cosmetics. Read your labels and get it out of […]