The Importance of Consulting an Alberta Land Surveyor

People tend to overlook the importance of getting their properties surveyed. Some of the common excuses include, it’s a waste of time, expensive or they got the land from a mortgage company. Well, let’s take a look at why you should really have an Alberta land surveyor by your side when making a purchase.

Mortgage companies and lenders are wise enough to pass this task to the buyer. They don’t have the land surveyed before passing it over to the buyer as they are aware of the significance of avoiding survey matters in title insurance policies. Also, they avoid this responsibility to protect their interests and investments. So, when you have bought property without carrying out a survey, you become prone to issues like claims of encroachments and such. This can be quite stressful, and you’ll end up shelling out thousands of dollars or thrice the amount you would have spent if you hired an Alberta land surveyor.

Getting your land surveyed by a property surveyor will save you a fortune and the peace of mind you will gain is priceless. If a neighbor claims that your fence has encroached in a part of their property, or a particular company claims rights to easements to access your property for maintenance or repair, you will certainly have a right to fight the claims.

Also, when you use a land surveyor, you get to know the precise measurements as well as the boundaries of your land. That gives you the freedom to do anything you wish as long as you do not go beyond the boundaries of your land. You will also be confident enough to claim your rights to your land after the expert has done his or her job properly.

So, before you purchase any real estate property, ensure that you consult an expert in land survey. However, do not go hiring anyone or the first person you meet and claims to be a professional in that field. Look for a real professional and an individual who has an excellent reputation. Keep in mind that you are dealing with something that can attract legal issues and so, it’s best to be very careful with the person you hire to avoid problems in the future.

It’s certainly worth the money you spend to live peacefully with your neighbors and to be certain of the boundaries of the land you own.

It is surely worth the money you spend to be able to live peacefully with your neighbors and to be sure of the boundaries of the property you own.