Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating System

Have ever wondered what undefloor heating is all about? How to install an undefloor heating system?
It benefits for the house? This article will provide all you with the answers
to these questions you have been curious to know. Underfloor heating is just a
form central heating that achieves an indoor climate control for thermal
comfort in the house. Modern undefloor heating systems have been modified to
use electricity of fluid flowing in pipes. However, different undefloor heating
systems are available in different designs to suit different floor types. The
most preferable and convenient system for underfloor heating for a wide range
of projects is the warm water underfloor heating. Why install an undefloor
heating system? Check out these underfloor heating kits.

Let us then see the benefits of the system.

It is absolutely safe. It has no uncovered hot or sharp edges. A house with children and the elderly therefore, has no risk of cutting or injuries that can be sustained from the system.

Secondly, the system is friendly and healthy. Those who suffer from allergies and asthma do not have to worry about their health.

It is absolutely free from draught and dust; factors that can trigger these conditions. It also makes the house a comfortable and more luxurious to stay. With under floor heating system, heat is emitted upwards from the floor hence giving a luxurious feel of warmth. It warms cold floor coverings like tiles and
engineered wood. In addition, the system is highly efficient.

It uses lower flow temperatures compared to the traditional radiator system. It covers a
large area of the floor hence heats the room effectively.

Finally, underfoor heating system is a perfect underfloor heating kit for open plan living. The tube is ever hidden beneath the floor. This opens up the wall space which is standard for open plan living.

The remarkable difference between wet and dry underfloor heating system are

Wet heating system

  • easy to run and operates at low temperatures
  • it can be used alongside heat pumps for more efficiency




Dry heating system

  • installation cost is not high
  • does not require pipe installation
  • runs and operate at relatively high temperatures

How then is the system installed in the house?

Clean the underfloor before installing undefloor
heating pipe.

The manifold is installed with wet undefloor
heating system

Always be careful to know the maximum temperatures
and the final flooring

The efficiency of the system is improved by

Plan and measurement are critical to ensure
careful installation. Understand all the fixtures and fitness of the system

Finally test the system.

Where to get an undefloor heating kit.

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