Green Oak Frames

Should You Choose Green Oak Frames for Construction?

When it comes to doing any type of construction project, there are many different choices that will have to be made. One of those choices is ultimately going to be in the type of building materials that are used. A popular choice today is to go with green oak frames in construction, but is it a choice that you should make? Here are a few things to keep in mind that will help you to make the right decision for your needs.

First of all, there may be some reasons why green oak is not the best choice, although that is really going to differ from one project to another. When it comes to practicality, however, it is difficult to beat green oak. If you kiln dry wood, it is still going to maintain a significant amount of moisture if it has any amount of thickness. In addition, since you are dealing with a frame, it may be harder to dry the larger pieces of wood.

Kiln drying is also not the best choice when it comes to the environment as well. In addition, the large pieces of lumber that are often necessary for framing could end up twisting or splitting when they are drying in a kiln. Using green oak is a better choice in this regard.

Another consideration is craftsmanship, and using green oak frames is always going to be a better choice in comparison to seasoned oak. Anytime you are cutting or shaping the wood, you will find that seasoned oak does not turn out as well.

One of the factors that makes a green oak frame unique is that it will dry out as it ages. When it does so, it will weaken a slight amount but it is still going to be strong enough to provide some stability to the frame. There will be some cracking that takes place as well, but it is not going to affect the integrity of the structure. In fact, they tend to add some character and this is what many people are looking for when it comes to using this wood for construction.

The decision as to whether you are going to use green oak or not is a personal one. When all things are considered, however, you may just find that it is the best choice for an exposed frame that offers a lot of character to the home.